New features

Announcing our new Bangor Buzz Benefit Cards

The Bangor Buzz Benefit Card is going to be for anyone in the community to purchase.  This card will give you special discounts and specials at participating businesses in Bangor and throughout Maine.   Bangor Buzz Benefit Card Members can  visit the specific Benefits page to see the latest participating businesses and their specials. Each card will have your name, sign up date, and expiration.  Once this membership is purchased, the card acts like a coupon when it is shown.  The businesses do not keep the card or have to scan/swipe anything.  The card is presented, verified that it has not expired and that is it.  There are unique identifiers on the card if the business chooses to track internally, but it is not a requirement of Bangor Buzz. During the year, Bangor Buzz will host social m...

New social interaction

While we certainly will never claim to be Facebook, we do think it is cool for our community to have its own social media.   We now have a platform where you can login, create profiles and have friends and share messages.   It will also be the platform we use for our Bangor Buzz games and contests.  Stay tunes for more on this great new feature.

Bangor Buzz welcomes Booking.com

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with booking.com.  One of the largest travel sites on the internet.  Why, you might ask?  Often times people come to the Bangor area to attend one of the many great events.   They need a place to stay and we like to make life easier for our users.   Now you can find an event, buy tickets and book a hotel room on one site. On every event page of our site, there is a booking.com search box that will show you availability and pricing.  We will be using the booking.com engine to also offer deals on local hotels in the area.  Be sure to check back often for the latest offers from booking.com!

Food Specials are NEW on Bangor Buzz!

Feeling hungry in the Bangor area but don’t know what to eat? Or you can’t seem to pick a place to be with your friends? The new Bangor Buzz food special’s feature has you in mind. Just below the featured section of our homepage, you will see a new row with the five current or closest upcoming food specials. Clicking the Daily Food Specials button below will bring you to a more in-depth look at all the food specials. Another way to find this page is by clicking on our tools drop down located in the main menu. This page will allow you to search specials on a specific date you’re looking to go out. Bangor Buzz will always look for new ways to save you money. We hope you enjoy our new Food Specials feature just as much as we do. Are you a business owner and want your F...

We are an OFFICIAL Ticketmaster affiliate!

When we decided to build the Bangor Buzz website, it was done with this simple question, “How did I not know about that event”?  This question was the basis for the idea and the mission we have to this day.   We strive to make sure the community, and all of its resources,  are informed of all that is happening.  In that effort, we will work not only to tell but to make access to these events and activities accessible. Yes,….we know that events are shown on all kinds of places on the internet.   The real venue site, fan pages, promoter and organizer sites, and social media.   We think that is great and urge that to happen more.  However, some people may not see an event or activity, because they are not “friends or following” a particular page.  It is this reas...

New feature – Yard sales

Once again we have been working on further developing a site that gives you everything that is going on in the area.   We were asked awhile back about being able to list yard sales.   For us, it was not a simple as adding a category.   We thought it would be nice to show them in a map.  just in time for the spring season (yes, spring in coming) you will be able to check our site each day for the latest area yard/garage sales going on.   We will be adding the ones we happen to notice, but we would love to have you add yours as well.   As always, it is free to list and free to use! To list a yard sale, simply click the “submit and event” button on the menu bar.  You can also click here.  Remember to select “Yard sale” as the category.  Be sure to include some details ...

Are you coming to Bangor for an event? Need a place to stay?

Did you know that when you view events from the Bangor Buzz website, there is an option to book a hotel room right from the page?   Expedia is available straight through our site to make planning your day/evening comfortable and convenient.  All you have to do is enter the days you’re going to be in the area and click submit.  Maybe you live in Bangor and want a night out or just be closer to the action.   Simply use the apps located on the right-hand side of an event listing, and the rest is easy.  So now you can buy tickets to events and book a room for your stay.  

Do you have an Amazon Alexa?

Bangor Buzz is always looking to find new ways to make your experience with us easier and more fun.  So we taught Alexa a new skill.   Alexa can now interact with our system and offer news, new features, featured events and promotions.  We plan on some fun things in the future. Visit the Alexa skills store to enable today.   You can also use the link here, to go directly to the Bangor Buzz skill. We hope you enjoy 😉  

Another big thank you!

Our contest has reached 17,200 in the the past week.  Be sure to enter if you haven’t already.  You still have plenty of time. WOW!

Advertising – Special offer

In celebration of our appearance at the upcoming event, Bangor on Tap, we are running a special.  Have your ad, for your business or event(s), appear on our website sidebar and mobile site for $25.00 per month.   That is 50% off the regular price.   All you have to do is contact us and we will get you started today. (Offer subject to prepayment for 12 months.   That is a total price of $300.  Offer ends March 31, 2017.)

Exciting news!

As of today, our calendar holds 6687 events!   That is amazing!!!   A big THANK YOU goes to all our loyal followers.   Here’s to a bigger 2017.

Special announcement and Black Friday ideas!

We are pleased (and honestly humbled) to announce that Bangor Buzz is an approved Ticketmaster Affiliate!   You can now buy tickets through Ticketmaster right here on our site!  We have provided some quick ways to browse for what is currently available.  You can see a quick link on the right hand side of our main page, or you can see a larger list on our new tickets page.  We will soon be adding links directly on the single events pages for qualifying events.  In addition, we will occasionally be featuring some special ticket deals. Its hard to believe how far this site has come in a such a short time and we owe it all to you and your loyalty.  Thank you and we hope that you enjoy this new feature.