Answers posted from the recent Scavenger Hunt

Hey there everyone.  We posted the answers to the clues from our recent scavenger hunt.  We are well underway to planning the next one.   We learned a lot and the next one will not be easy.   We will be posting a lot of information as we get closer and we will say that right now our page and future posts from this point forward may be clues. See clue answers here Thank you again for participating. Bangor Buzz

Scavenger Hunt announcement

—-Scavenger Hunt announcement—- We have a winner! Congratulations to Christie Rand! We just spoke to her on the phone, and she was naturally very excited. Her comment to us, “it was so much fun!” In the email she sent us she says, “Found it! The code for clue 8 was by far the hardest! ” We thank Christie and thank you all of you for participating! We are prepared to give the answers, but we are going to hold off a few days as some people have asked that they still get to have the fun of the adventure. Hint** We are already planning a new hunt. It is in the works. Bangor Buzz Benefit Members will have the inside connection on news and information. This whole promotion was to raise awareness of Bangor Buzz, our new website, and our sweet new Bangor Buzz Be...

Bangor Buzz Scavenger Hunt Starts May 22

We have hidden $500 cash somewhere in the Bangor area. Using the clues that we have provided, you can begin the hunt.  First one to find the cash prize, WINS!   There is no purchase necessary to participate. It is not hidden in plain site.  We had to ensure that it could not be found by someone who is not using the clues.  We have several ways we monitor the progress and will offer hints. Hints will be released through our website notification system.  If you can read this then you have already created an account and will see these notices if they come out.  Also, for every 500 likes on facebook, we will post a hint.  So at the time this is launched we have 3393 likes.  When it reaches 3500..Hint, 4000…Hint, 4500, Hint… you get the idea.  We love our supporting businesses.   If you are at ...

Announcing our new Bangor Buzz Benefit Cards

The Bangor Buzz Benefit Card is going to be for anyone in the community to purchase.  This card will give you special discounts and specials at participating businesses in Bangor and throughout Maine.   Bangor Buzz Benefit Card Members can  visit the specific Benefits page to see the latest participating businesses and their specials. Each card will have your name, sign up date, and expiration.  Once this membership is purchased, the card acts like a coupon when it is shown.  The businesses do not keep the card or have to scan/swipe anything.  The card is presented, verified that it has not expired and that is it.  There are unique identifiers on the card if the business chooses to track internally, but it is not a requirement of Bangor Buzz. During the year, Bangor Buzz will host social m...

New social interaction

While we certainly will never claim to be Facebook, we do think it is cool for our community to have its own social media.   We now have a platform where you can login, create profiles and have friends and share messages.   It will also be the platform we use for our Bangor Buzz games and contests.  Stay tunes for more on this great new feature.

Introducing our online store! Get your Swag today!

We are excited to offer some cool Bangor Buzz swag AND we would like to give back to our community.  All proceeds from these products from August through September will be donated to a local charity.   This charity will be decided by all our Bangor Buzz fans, so make sure to check out our Facebook page to see how! In addition, we want to thank YOU for your support as well!  If we spot you in our gear, you could win a $100 gift certificate instantly! We look forward to seeing you at all the great events Bangor has to offer!  Make sure to check back often, we will be adding new items regularly. Click here to check it out.

Bangor Buzz Weather is now powered by AccuWeather!

For those of you who have been coming to the site for the last year; you know that we have always featured the weather. We are pleased to now have our weather powered by AccuWeather. You will now see the weather in this format on our right sidebar.  This is the same place our old weather was shown.   You will notice that the 5 day forecast is no longer shown.  We did this to speed up the page, but we still have the option to see the forecast available.   All you have to do is click the weather box. This will open the Bangor Buzz, dedicated weather page.  On this new page, we have added some cool features.  The first is the event forecast box.  As shown in the illustration,  the green boxes tell you if the weather is ideal for any outdoor events. We also added hourly forecast, precipitation...