New features

New Facebook and Twitter sidebar

We have introduced a quick way to access us via Twitter and Facebook.  You can see our latest twitter posts in real time on our sidebar and you can like and share our page on Facebook with one click.  Our twitter feed will post new or upcoming events and always keep you informed.  (Okay, so we have fun on there too!)  We are always looking to add new features.

Submit an event

You can add your event(s) to Bangor Buzz anytime for free.   The form is simple to use.  Just click the link above (or below) to get started.  You can even enter your own website or Facebook address to upload all your events.  If you have multiple events you would like to list, please contact us for assistance on bulk uploaded. Remember, listing your event is free.  If you would like to have your event featured and promoted on Bangor Buzz click here to find out more.  

Contact page

We have added a contact page for your convince.  Please feel free to contact us anytime for questions or more information.  We love to hear from you. https://bangorbuzz.com/contact-us/