Time to Celebrate!

Do you know what Bangor Buzz is all about? We are the largest community events calendar in the region. We list over 5000 events and have over 15,000 visits to our site each month. The best part is, it is all free to use. You can even list your events for free. We offer a lot more too, local food specials, ticket purchases through Ticketmaster and hotel booking for our users that come to the area for our amazing events.

We recently have been getting more involved with some of the events in the area. Even attending some with our new Magic Mirror Photobooth. (You should check it out) To celebrate our continued growth and success, we are doing a summer-long contest.

First, let’s back up….  Each year we offer a virtual Easter Egg hunt on our site. What we do is hide small eggs all over our site.  Once you find all the eggs, through a series of clues, it directs you on how to enter to win.  It is free, very popular, and fun. In the same idea, we have hidden a small star on our website. Unlike our Easter egg hunt, there is only one star. Every person that finds the star will receive instructions on how to be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to Mason’s Brewing Company each month. It’s a great time to win, as they have spectacular outdoor seating for summer weather.

We will be selecting a random name at the end of May, June, July and August. People who have found the star and entered during each of those months, will be eligible to win. (There are no repeat winners, see contest rules)

Good luck and we hope you have a fun summer!!!  (Psst….we love Facebook shares!)

One and only hint for July, —  Power The final frontier!

This is what you are looking for  —–>  When you find it, simply click on the star and follow the instructions.

Contest Drawing dates:

June 30th
July 31st
August 31st

(Announcements will be made by 8 pm on the dates above.)