Bangor Buzz Benefit Card

$39.95 for 1 year



The Bangor Buzz Benefit Card is going to be for anyone in the community to purchase.  This card will give you special discounts and specials at participating businesses in Bangor and throughout Maine.   Bangor Buzz Benefit Card Members can  visit the specific Benefits page to see the latest participating businesses and their specials.

Each card will have your name, sign up date, and expiration.  Once this membership is purchased, the card acts like a coupon when it is shown.  The businesses do not keep the card or have to scan/swipe anything.  The card is presented, verified that it has not expired and that is it.  There are unique identifiers on the card if the business chooses to track internally, but it is not a requirement of Bangor Buzz.

During the year, Bangor Buzz will host social mixers for Bangor Buzz Benefit members at local businesses.  Stay tuned for more information.


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