Bangor Buzz Scavenger Hunt Page

We have hidden $500 cash somewhere in the Bangor area.

The prize is hidden with instructions inside on what to do if you find it first. Here are some specifics of the hunt.

  1. The cash prize is hidden and not put in plain sight!  This was done to ensure that it would not be found by someone who was not participating in the hunt   Therefore, all these clues lead you to the hidden treasure and rely on you going through each step in the chronological order.  Skipping will not increase your chance of finding the cash first.
  2. There is no purchase necessary to play or get clues.
  3. Each step below is password protected.  To get the password, you must find it by figuring out the clues from the previous step. Passwords are one word, lowercase with no spaces symbols. (ie. Bunny Rabbit…bunnyrabbit)  If the password is a number, it is the numeric version. (ie. 23456 or 7)
  4. When you click the links below, new pages will open, so you can get back to this home page easily.  The individual pages will have links back to this page as well.
  5. Some of the clues may lead you to a place that has a sign.  This sign will always be one that is already there;  ie. roadsigns, menus, directional signs, plaques or other on site objects, and will not be custom made.
  6. It is strongly encouraged to keep notes and remember the steps.
  7. We have several ways we monitor the progress and hints may be released through our website notification system.  If you can read this, then you have already created an account and will see these notices, if and when they come out.
  8. So, how can you get a hint?  For every 500 likes on facebook, we will post a hint!  So, at the time the first clue is launched, we will start counting! A new hint for every 500 likes thereafter.
  9. If a clue takes you to one of our supporting businesses, please take a moment to enjoy the products/services they have to offer.  Also, please respect that they are conducting business, so this scavenger hunt will be a positive experience for everyone involved!
  10. If you are the winner, be sure to follow the instructions included with your winnings!

The official clues for the 2019 Bangor Buzz Scavenger hunt. (the $500 has been found.  you can read more here. we will leave these here without answer for a few more days, as some people have asked if they could keep playing)

  1. Clue One  To get started, (and familiar with how this works) the password is start.
  2. Clue Two
  3. Clue Three
  4. Clue Four
  5. Clue Five
  6. Clue Six
  7. Clue Seven
  8. Clue Eight
  9. Clue Nine
  10. Clue Ten
  11. Clue Eleven
  12. Clue Twelve
  13. Clue Thirteen
  14. Clue Fourteen
  15. Clue Fifteen
  16. Final Clue